"One station One Product Scheme" launched by Indian Railway Ministry to Promote "Vocal for Local"

 As India has started the Vocal for Local campaign during Corona Period to promote and strengthening the local products in Market. 

Now Ministry of Railways has launched ‘One Station One Product’ (OSOP) scheme over Indian Railways with objectives to promote ‘Vocal for Local’ vision of the Government of India, provide a market for local/indigenous products and create additional income opportunities for the marginalised sections of society. 

Under the scheme, OSOP outlets at railway stations are allotted for showcasing, selling and giving high visibility to indigenous /local products. Allotment is done to all applicants on a rotation basis who meet objectives of the scheme.

Which type of Products Included in One station one Product 

The pilot of the scheme was started on 25.03.2022 and presently 535 stations are covered with 572 OSOP outlets.

If we talk about the  Product  categories, under this scheme, include the following:

    1. Handicrafts/ Artefacts
    2. Textiles and Handlooms
    3. Traditional Garments
    4. Local agricultural produce/ Processed/semi processed foods.