World Water Day 2022 Theme is "Groundwater: Making the Invisible visible "

 Every year we celebrate World water Day on 22nd March with new theme to aware people about upcoming water crisis

Similarly this year , the theme for World Water Day 2022 is set as "Ground Water :Making the Invisible visible".

The purpose of choosing this theme to bring awareness about UN efforts for Ground Water related activities , enhance knowledge exchanges and motivate people to save Ground water sources. 

Water is an important component of this environment and without water , there is  no life on Earth. 

Water represents the aquatic ecosystem and basis of life. 

Water is available in form of all the state of matter , solid, gas and liquid in the environment. Around 70% of earth surface is covered with water, but for drinking and food purpose there is less than 1% water available for us. 

So Majority of drinking water is available under our feet as Groundwater

Almost all the liquid fresh water is available as Ground water in the world.

World Water day 2022 theme Ground water


Ground water is invisible , but it's impact is visible everywhere. It is a hidden treasure that enrich our lives.  

Majority of the world population is extremely depended on ground water for drinking , sanitation and food purpose. Ground water has potential to provide societies with tremendous social , economical and environmental benefits and opportunities. 

In rural parts or villages, vast majority fulfill their water needs from ground water resources and around 25 % of all water withdrawn is used for irrigation. 

However Ground water is often poorly understood and consequently undervalued, mismanaged and abused by the people. 

The important fact is that , Ground water is the key resource to fight against poverty , to food and to water scarcity , to climate changes , to social economic development etc. 

More than 90% of Ground water is used for irrigation of Agriculture and remaining for drinking. 

But due to climate changes, ground water becomes more critical in many parts of the world. 

A decrease in Ground water Table becomes a big crisis in many big cities. Recently last year , we have seen the problem of lack of ground water in few big cities in India. 

As per a survey report , 60 percent of ground water will be degraded by 2030.

There are few reasons for Ground water degradation :

  • irregularity in water cycle or Hydrogen cycle  due to climate changes. 
  • Uneven distribution of rainfall.
  • Degradation of soil due to pollution which degrade the quality of ground water. 
  • Lack of water conservation activities by people or society. 
  • More harvesting of water than Ground water recharge. 
  • Increase in Sand mining activities. 
  • Sewage of factory waste into rivers or water bodies results in degradation of Ground water.  

Now the question what can we do to solve this problem. 

How to Increase Ground Water Level ?

Ground water is a key resource to achieve the 2030 goals for United Nations Sustainable Development Agenda. 

To increase recharge and  quality of Ground water , there are various projects have been implemented by the Govt like Atal Bhu Jal Yojna , Jal Shakti Mission , Mukhyamantri Jal swavlabamban Abhiyan (MJSA ), Rajiv Gandhi Jal Sanchay Yojna (RGJSY ) , Integrated Watershed Development Program (IWMP) etc. 

For ground water recharge , we should implement roof top water harvesting structure on every house in cities. 

Slowing the speed of Surface water can increase the ground water recharges , so we should built chack dams , small dugout ponds and Anicuts in major drains on watershed development approach. 

To make better water conservation planning , we should take help of GIS technology. 

On sloppy lands, we should make contour trenches for soil and water conservation. 

So there are many other ways or we can innovate new ways to address the degradation of Ground water. 

Please suggest or comment if you have any ideas for water conservation. 


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