Importance of Save Soil movement by Sadhguru for Upcoming Soil Crisis

Save Soil is a movement to aware the people about upcoming Soil crisis.

You know Every things around us including our body are made of 5 important elements of Nature i.e. Earth (Prithivi), Water (Jal), fire (Tejas) , Wind (vayu) and Space (Akash ). 

The earth component consists soils, minerals, stones, etc and Soil plays an important part for creation of food and nutrients for our need. 

But while countries  are making a large social and economical developments , they are not aware that "Soil is dying"


When we " Soil is Dying " it means , it is losing it's capacity to produce food or nutrients for us. 

If we analyse the research data , 50 percent of agriculture soil is already degraded. And all this happens due to pollution , use of chemical fertilizers and soil erosion

Need of Save Soil movement

To save us from upcoming Soil crisis , Save soil movement is very  important for all. Save soil is global movement initiated by Sadhguru , to aware the people around the world for soil health. 

In this movement , Sadhguru is embarking on a journey on motorcycle to meet citizens , leaders and experts by covering 30000km across 25 Nations from United Kingdom to India in 100 days.

This movement is supported by UN Environment program for earth , World Food programme , and Partnership for change. 

One of the major objective of this movement is to support leaders of all nations to institute national policies and action towards increasing the organic content in cultivable soil. 

Soil Crisis 

Soil crisis is refers to a condition where cultivable soil will unable to produce food and nutrients for us due to degradation. 

And all this happens due to lack of organic content in cultivable soil. We are using chemical fertilizers to increase agriculture production , but we are not aware about the degradation of soil due to the same. 

Lack of organic content in cultivable soil will lead to food crisis , water scarcity, loss of biodiversity , climate change , loss of livelihood, conflict and migration.  

Do you know , we are going to face these conditions due to Soil crisis 

  • In next 20 years , food production will be reduced up to 40%  for 9.3 billion people. 
  • Poor soil will lead to poor nutritious value to fruit and vegetables. So billions of people will suffer to many diseases due to lack of nutrients. 
  • As degraded soil can  not absorb water and regulate water flow , it will lead to water scarcity, drought and flood. 
  • Soil crisis will lead to further loss of flora and fauna species in biodiversity. 
  • Soil is crucial for carbon sequestration as soil can store 3x carbon that of living plants and  2x that in atmosphere. So reduction in carbon sequestration will lead to global warming and climate changes. 
  • Degradation of soil will lead to less crop production and reduce source of income for many farmers. So it will lead the conditions of suicides. 
  • Population growth is a big concern for many countries. For increasing population , we need more food and water . But degraded soil can't fulfill the desired need. and It will lead the food and water crisis by 2050.

Solution to Soil crisis 

A movement can only be successful when it is able to engage people in it. Similarly when we know about the upcoming Soil crisis , than we should take necessary actions for it. 

Back to  organic farming ; The upcoming soil crisis can be meet out by increasing the organic content in the soil by motivating people for adoption of organic farming. 

Make soil health policies : Every nation should make soil health policies to increase the health of  degraded soils. 

Aware People : Aware more people about the upcoming soil crisis will  help this movement to get it's objectives. We should aware people about soil pollution from plastic and factory waste.

You can Join this movement from Here. 

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