A large portion of Amazon Rainforest may transform into dry Savanna: Study revealed

 According to Researchers , Reducing deforestation can protect Amazon forest .

According to new study , more than 75 % of Amazon rain forest has been heading towards tipping point and threatening to become a dry savanna like ecosystem. 

Based upon the satellite data and research tool , Amazon may lose its ability to bounce back from extreme events such as drought or fire. And these events are the major reason for the loss of Amazon rainforest. 

image source :https://www.purdue.edu/

We cannot tell when a potential transition from rainforest to savanna might happen,But when it happens, it would likely be too late to stop it Niklas Boers from the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research and one of the study authors said. 

As per the study , the tipping point of Amazon rainforest would occure when the rainforest witness around 20-25 percent of deforestation. 

If we look at the Amazon Rainforest , it is home to 30 percent of the world's species including 40000 plant species , 16000 tree species, 1300 birds species and more than 430 species of mammals. 

Deforestation is the major reason of climate changes  and it is increasing day by day. As per the report , deforestation took 430 square kilometre in January 2022, which is five time higher than in January last year. 

The loss of forest will make huge impact of rainfall and results in water crisis too. 

As we know Rainforest is also a carbon sink, means it is a place which absorb more carbon than it release. So it plays a crucial role in combating climate changes. 

But rise in atmospheric temperatures due to climate changes and deforestation are  resulting in transformation of rainforest from carbon sink to carbon source.

The researchers warns that if we will not take necessary actions , the forest could release vast amount of CO2 after their partial transformation into dry habitats. 

They also said " The analysis showed that the indicators of tipping points go up faster in areas with less rainfall and closer to human land use".

“This is alarming, as the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) models project an overall drying of the Amazon region in response to anthropogenic global warming,” Researcher  pointed out.

And this loss of rain forest is largely caused by human land use activities like direct removal of trees , construction of roads, and fires etc. 

According to researchers , it is not too late to act. Reduction in deforestation will protect the threatened part of forest and boost Amazon rainforest resilence. 

Making efforts for limiting Global green house emission is also a safeguard  to amazon.