Save Soil Movement got it's first MoU with Four Caribbean Nation

 Save Soil movement is aimed to Save our Earth from Soil Crisis due to  Degradation of Soil

Save Soil Global movement , initiated by Sadhgru of Isha Foundation , got it's first MoUs signed with four caribbean nations Antigua and   Barbuda , Dominica , St Lucia and St Kitts & Nevis. 

 Save Soil movement is aimed to address the soil crisis by motivating and awaking people from around the world to stand up to soil health. 


Recently Sadhguru has tweeted about this MoUs and he quoted "A historic moment marked by the first #SaveSoil MoUs signed by the pearls of the ocean. Governments of Antigua & Barbuda, Dominica, St Lucia, and St Kitts & Nevis — may your commitment to soil revitalization be an inspiration to the rest of the world. -Sg @CARICOMorg #CARICO".

The objective of this Save soil Movement is to drive a policy changes worldwide to safeguard, nature and sustain soil to minimum of 3-6% organic content by bring awareness among people to inspire human environment actions.

The MoUs has been signed by these four nations ahead of Sadhguru's 30000 km motorcycle ride across Europe, Centre Asia , west Asia and India for Save Soil campaign.

This 75 days campaign journey is going to start from March 25 by covering 24 countries.

On this day ,the MoU includes Timothy Harris (Prime minister of St. Kitts and Nevis), Roosevelt Skerrit (Prime Minister of Dominica), Gastone Browne (Prime minister of Antigua and Barbuda and Phillip J. Pierre (Prime Minister of St. Lucia.

All these four Prime minister spoke passionately about importance of soil health and efforts to regenerate and restore the world's soil by bring policy changes.

As we all know world is facing water crisis due to climate changed and non-sustainable development policies. Now we have to face soil crisis due to degradation of soil , if we do not take appropriate actions.

The Save soil movement seeks to address the ecological degradation of soil by increasing organic components in Soil.

Sadhguru said " These small Caribbean nations , the pearl of Ocean , can make that turn around and demonstrate" that every nation can and must save soil in the interest of all future life on this planet.

On this occasion , Sadhguru presented a resolution "Soil Revitalization - Global Policy draft and Solution Handbook " to the heads of state as an urgent and unifying initiative to restore soil health.

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