Russia -Ukraine War : Impact on Environment and climate

 "We are Humans being and it is our nature to destroy all the living things for our self development"

We are saying this quote because if we look  history from our existence on Earth , we can find that we have always being very destructive for environment.

Right now in 2022,we are facing the situations like World war 3 due to Russia - Ukraine war. We are  not going to the reasons of the war , but we have a big concern over Environmental impact of the War. 

The war has begun and it could be the deadliest one that world has seen in decades. 

This war will lead to thousands of civilian death , big refugee crisis , economic crisis and global environment problems. 

Russia-Ukraine-war-impact-on-environment -and -climate

 Now if we talk about a small introduction of Ukraine  , it is second largest country by area in Europe after Russia. It has a coastline along sea of Azov and black sea. 

Climate And Biodiversity in Ukraine : Ukraine has temperate climate which is influenced by moderately warm and humid air coming from Atlantic ocean.  According to world bank Ukraine is highly vulnerable to climate change. It has large rivers like Denipro, Denister , pivdenny buh , Danube  etc which are essential water source for it's large population and agriculture. 

In Biodiversity , Ukraine encompassed 6 % of European  landmass and 35% of biodiversity. There are over 75000 species of  rare flora and fauna. (Source from )

Now as we have discussed about climate and biodiversity of Ukraine , than we can think how much we are going to lose the environment.  

So let's discuss about the possible big environmental effects of the Russia- Ukraine war. 

More Global Warming 

As this war involves large amount of  bombing and missile attacks, we can say these are going to add more heat in the environment. Due this bombing by missile or tank attacks, forest life are adversely affected.  This temperature rise will lead to more Global Warming across the northern region as well as increase the melting of glacier. 

We should think on it. 

Loss to Water Resources 

Many sites in Ukraine have land mines which could lead to ground water pollution as ground water can dissolve mercury , arsenic and lead.  As per Ukraine ministry of Ecology and Environment, there have been 35 sites where pumping has stopped after 2014 due to ground water pollution. Many of sites were originally mined using nuclear detonations. 

Now due to excessive bombing in Ukraine , there are big chances that micros pollutant and radioactive particles will dissolve in water resources like rivers, ponds through water cycle. The flooding will carry the pollute water to other regions in coming days. 

Even some of radiation from Ukraine nuclear reactor can reach some part of Russia.

So be ready for upcoming water  and health crisis in Ukraine and Russia in coming years due to this water pollution.  

Food Crisis 

Ukraine has population of around 44 million.  We know many people are leaving Ukraine to safe places in other European countries.  So this is going lead a big demographic changes  in Ukraine and other Europian countries. 

When we get a sudden rise in population , we definitely  need more food and water to feed. So be prepare for next food crisis.

In bombing , many agriculture field have been destroyed and in coming years it could lead to soil degradation due to radiations and micro pollutant. 

Degradation of soil will adversely affect the agriculture production and  lead to a big food crisis. 

Threat to Wild Life 

 Ukraine has bout 16% land covered by Forest and  33 wetlands have international importance. We are humans and we can share our problems and feelings to world. But what about animals ?

In this war, forest and wild life of Ukraine is going to face a big threat to rare species. 

Due to bombing and fire , many wild  animals could die or leave that place.  So the war is a big threat to wild life in Ukraine as well as Russia.  

As this war is destroying infrastructures, water resources , forest , vehicles etc , surely we will  rebuilt them after war. So we again need  more energy and natural resources to rebuilt the infrastructures. And for that more trees would be cut and more water will be required to built. 

So where we are leading by these wars , "To a way to destruction or Creation ?" comment your answer .