Google World 2021 : Explore the world

 Are you looking for Google World?

If yes, than you are at right place for the answer.

When you search for Google world , the search engine shows Google earth in first position.

So basically people understand the Google world as Google earth. But as per my view Google world is the combination of all applications like Gmail, google maps, YouTube , google play, blogger,  google news, docs, google earth etc. 

Actually in this digital era, we living in world of Google applications. And Google is also working to simplify our life by incorporation of new innovations and applications.

google world

Google Earth [Google world ]

Google world is an application provided by Google to view, analyze and locate our desired place on earth with different type of  satellite views. It also provides the 3D view of the earth surfaces and various cities.

Google world help us to explore the whole world with satellite imaginary views.  So you can fly anywhere in the world just by sitting in your room.
You can create stories, maps ,  add photos and videos , add information, customize view with help of creation tools on Google world.

How can i see my house on Google earth ?

If you want to see your house on Google earth , you just need to put your address on search box and google world will drive to your house view from satellite imaginary. You can also find and view your house with latitude and longitude information.

Can i use Google Earth without downloading it ?

Yes , you can use Google earth without downloading it. Just go on the official website of Google earth and click on the Launch Google earth icon on top right corner. Google earth online view will start.

How do i install Google earth for Free ?

Google earth application is free to use. To download Google earth for free just go on the official website of Google earth. Then click  on the  earth version option on top left. Here you will find three options as Google earth on web, Google earth on mobile and Google earth pro on desktop. 
Click on Google earth pro for desktop and your download will starts. After downloading the file you can install it and explore the world.

If you want to download google earth for mobile, than you can download it from Google play.

How to find Latitude and longitude of any place on Google Earth ?

Latitude and longitudes are used to find accurate locations of  any point on Google earth. If you want to find latitude and longitude of any locations, just go over the location  on google earth. Put the cursor on your desired  location , you can find latitude and logitude information of that place on bottom right corner.

What can you do with Google Earth or Google World 

  • With help of Google earth you can create maps with help of creation tool. 
  • You can find any location around the earth with just entering it's coordinates.
  • Google earth help you for planning watershed management activities, infrastructure development and project planning.
  • You can measure length, area and elevation with help of measurement tool.
  • You can create video stories of your desired location.
  • You can analyze the effect of any project with historical imaginary view tool.


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