World water Day Theme 2021- "Valuing Water"

 Every year we celebrate world water day on 22th March across the world with too much sharing thoughts and quotes about saving water. But what happen on the next day, we forget about the world water day quotes and thoughts. 

Yes it is sorry to say but it is truth. 

This year World water Day 2021 will be celebrated in online event. And  theme of World water day 2021 is Valuing water. The objective of the theme is to realize the people about what water means to them. 

Value of water vary from people to people as per their thinking process and education.

So in real life , we cant calculate the value of water in our life because it is priceless. Without water we are nothing.

Our body and nature forms with five elements in which water is one. So in absence of water , our existence is impossible.

We need water for food, house hold, industry, farming, sanitation, etc.  Our day starts with water. 

 So how can we irresponsible about saving water ?  

Lets take an example, in winter season we doesn't feel any shortage of water and we waste a lot of water.  But when summer season comes, the problem of shortage of water also comes in many cities.  So we often change our water uses practices in summer season and try to  save water as much as possible.

It is nothing but a human behavior. We always care about the things which we have in small quantity.  

We can understand the value of water in summer season. So we must follow the practice of water saving throughout the year. 

This year the objective of the world water day 2021 is to spread the awareness about the value of water to people in their life.

The core focus of the awareness is to support the achievement of sustainable goal (SDG): water and sanitation for all by 2030.

Today water scarcity is the major problem due to growing population around the world. In near future we will have to face more savior conditions due to lack of water conservation practices and awareness.

So before celebrating the World water day 2021, just ask a simple question to yourself " How is water important to you and your family?"

When you get the answer , just participate in the movement of save water and aware society about water crisis. 

Write in comment box how you can save water and your stories  with us we will tell the world.  

Join the World water Day movement here .



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