Wildfire in California 2020: An impact of climate change

 The incident of Wildfires across the world have been emerged as major threat to the environment. The Wildfire in California is the part of  the 2020 Western United State wildfires season.

According to California Department of Forestry and Fire protection, a total of 7718 fires have burned around 3759018.5 acres which made it largest wildfire in California in 2020.


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How did the California wildfires start?

The primary reason for the wildfires in California is climate change. So wildfires in California was started due to gusty wind and low humidity which result into continuing heat waves across the state. The intensity of fire was boosted due to drying and heating caused by human induced climate change conditions.

Why does California have so many wildfires ?

California is situated at the west coast of the United State, which gets much of its moisture in the fall and winter. So its vegetation spends much of the summer slowly drying out due to lack of rainfall and warmer temperature. That drying vegetation causes for the wildfires due to heatwaves.

The ignition of the fire  may be due to natural lightening or spark by human actions. In some cases, power lines also causes for wildfires.
Wildfire in California
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Will Rain help the Wildfire ?

Of course, rain water will help to short out the wildfire. But the as per the climatic condition of California, which have dry wind with low humidity and higher temperature may attract very low amount of rainfall.

There is a need of artificial rain for the area to short out the problem of wildfire.  

Impact of Wildfires ?

There is always negative results of wildfire. The continuous season of wildfire in California will make the area more deadly to live.

Wildfire results into a lot of habitat and  biodiversity losses in the area. Loss of vegetation at excess level will make it desert.

Wildfires will reduce the soil fertility and land productivity , which ultimately affect the human life in the area.

If we look at the situations, these wildfire will cause for creation of several natural disaster in the area.

Reduction in Air quality with a lot of smoke will cause for many dieses. 

Need of Hour for Wildfires

When we face a repetitive situation in Life, then we should take strong action to mitigate the situation.

Wildfire in California is seasonal incident , which occurs every year.  So there is need to take some strong actions to stop it. 

Government should implement such plan or action which reduce the wildfire incident in the area. Otherwise Wildfires will cause a majot threat to the environment as well as the Nation.

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