New Feature in Google Maps to update you About COVID-19

 While the corona virus outbreak is growing all over the world, Innovations and new features  in technology are also growing to save our life with different tools like mobile app, health instruments and software etc.  

Google map for covid19 update

A such new feature is announced by Google for Google maps , which will provide the information of covid-19 outbreak in our area.

The new feature is google maps will be know as COVID-19 layer. So when you add the COVID-19 Layer in Google maps , it will show the covid-19 cases information in your near by  area.

The latest feature in Google map will help people to make decision , whether to go in the affected area or not.

This new layer in Google map will be available for both android or ios mobiles.

How to Add COVID-19 Layer in Google MAP 

To use this feature, Just open the Google map application in you mobile and tab the layer option at right hand upper side of the screen as shown in picture below.

After tapping on the layer , you will find the COVID-19 layer. Now select the COVID 19 layer and this will added on your map. 

This layer will show you the seven day average of the new COVID  cases  per 100000 people in that area with labels about the increasing or decreasing cases.

Google will use different color codes for the case densities to help  people to distinguish between the area.

Google will collect the data from many sources like World health organization, various health ministries , state and local health agencies etc.

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