Water scarcity: Threat to the Earth

Have you ever think to lived without water for a day ? 

If No, than prepare yourself for days without water because we are going to face a problem of water scarcity.   
                           Water Scarcity

What is water scarcity?

Water scarcity is the condition in which demand of fresh water is higher than the availability of fresh water in natural resources.In other word ," Water Scarcity is the lack of availability of fresh water to meet the demand in a region."


Reasons of the water scarcity 

"Our present situation is the result of our past actions"
So today we are facing problem of water scarcity due to overuse of water, droughts,  uneven distribution of rainfall , water pollution, explosion of natural resources without conservation and global warming

Water crisis emerged as major problem in many countries. As we know there is only 3% of total water available on earth as fresh water for our drinking,  sanitation and agriculture  purposes. and Out of this 3% water , major portion of fresh water is available in ice form and less than 1 % is available for us.

Water scarcity  has already been affected in all continent and around 3 billion people around the world.Water scarcity is consist of water stress, water crisis and water shortage. 

Water crisis

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Overuse of water 

Use of natural resources without conservation leads to shortage of the resource in the region. The same thing happened with natural water resources. In many regions, human exploit the water resources up to thresh-holding limits  for their need without practices of water conservation. And today that regions are facing problem  of water scarcity.

Uneven Distribution of rainfall 

When we disturb the natural resources , we get the result through disturbance in natural water cycle. Now a day we see disturbance in hydrological  cycle due to pollution , global warming and change in geographical features. 

Uneven distribution of rainfall results in flood in some region due to excessive rainfall  and drought  in another region at the same time. Many parts of the world face a lot of flood during monsoon while some regions has to face severe drought conditions. 

Excessive rainfall results or flood causes for loss of life, agriculture, forest life and infrastructure. And lack of rainfall or drought causes for higher hunger index, deaths , less food production and loss of economy.
Water scarcity
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Global warming 

Global warming has been emerged as major source of disturbance in hydrological cycle on earth. Industrialization and deforestation are the major cause for global warming around the world. 

Urban development with growth in industries and over exploitation of natural resources for industries result in rise in atmospheric temperature in various region.

Automotive sector has also played a major role in global warming. Rise in atmospheric temperature results in uneven rainfall, storms and cyclone in various regions. 

Increase in global warming will result in melting of polar ice and rise in sea level which can impact many nations around the world.

Water Pollution 

If we have sufficient fresh water in our natural resources but it is polluted , there is no use of that water. The same thing happens in many region, water pollution is a major cause for water scarcity. 

Water pollution occurs due to discharge of industrial waste, chemical fertilizer , plastic and solid waste into natural water resources i.e. river, pond, streams etc. 

Water pollution make the available fresh water into waste water and also threat to aquatic ecosystem. 

Many regions in the world have sufficient water resources , but they are unable to utilize the resources and facing water crisis due to pollution.

Lack of Water conservation 

"When you fill the water in cracked glass, then you will get nothing in your hand". 

Many regions in the world receive a lot of rainfall, but due to lack of water conservation practices they get nothing at the end. Most of the rain water infiltrate into soil or run off along the surface to another regions.

Surface runoff result in loss of major water as well as soil erosion. Higher rainfall runoff results in lack of available fresh water in the region thus create the conditions of water scarcity.

Water scarcity solutions 

"There is always a solutions for a problem" 

Water scarcity is major threat to life in various regions.  We can't create the water but conserve the water. Conservation of water resources is the only big solution to the water crisis. 

Here are some ways to conserve water to short out the water scarcity problem.

  • Make rules or policies to limit the exploitation of water resources.
  • Construct rain water harvesting structures for conservation of rain water.
  • Make water budget for the region to calculate the water requirement and conserve the water as per requirement.
  • Stop wasting water.
  • Plant more tree to catch more rain .
  • Make strong rules for industries to discharge waste water after treatment into natural resources.
  • Make water canals to connect higher rainfall area to lower rainfall area through rivers and streams.
  • Make roof top water harvesting structures to conserve more rain water.
  • Implement drip or sprinkler irrigation methods instead of flood irrigation method.
  • Implement organic farming method to increase  the soil fertility and reduce water pollution.
  • Motivate people to participate in water conservation missions or programs.

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