Organic Farming: An Introduction, Needs and Benefits

"We need healthy food for a healthy life." 

So we all look around us for healthy food in the market but have you ever think what is a healthy food?. 

A healthy food is defines as a food which provide all required nutrients to our body and make us healthy all the time. But the question is how to produce a healthy food?

All our food is the by product of crops, fruits and vegetable. So healthy agriculture product will serve you a healthy food.

So if we look for the answer, we will found organic farming method as right organic agriculture method to get healthy food.

Organic farming has been emerged as a method of crop and livestock production with use of naturally produced fertilizers, pesticides , organisms , antibiotics and growth harmons.

Organic farming

What is Organic Farming (Organic Kheti)?

As per the definition of the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) study team on organic farming “organic farming is a system which avoids or largely excludes the use of synthetic inputs (such as fertilizers, pesticides, hormones, feed additives etc) and to the maximum extent feasible rely upon crop rotations, crop residues, animal manures, off-farm organic waste, mineral grade rock additives and biological system of nutrient mobilization and plant protection”.

Organic farming is an ancient process of farming with utilizing natural resources. This method has been declined due to incorporation of chemical fertilizer, hybrid seeds and pesticides which help farmers to meet high production demand. 

In phase of  Green revolution in India, use of hybrid seed variety of wheat and rice boost the crop production with chemically treated crops and reduces the practice of using natural treated seed for crop production.

Use of chemical fertilizer caused for development various type of disease to us and reduces the soil fertility   as well increase the water pollution in natural water resources.
Organic Farming methods

Need of Organic Farming  

As we know demand of food is increasing with increasing world population. We can boost crop production with help of high yielding seed and chemical fertilizer but that is not a right method. After all we will damage the natural balance of environment. Though we will get our demand but in near future we will also face the problems like various disease, reduced land productivity and water pollution.

So there is need of organic agriculture method that provide health food and natural balance in environment.  In present scenario organic farming methods are in highly demanding specially in metro cities.

Government is also have special focus on organic farming methods. Recently zero budget natural farming has been adopted in various states specially in Southern states  in India as a idle organic farming method.

Benifits of Organic Farming

Benefits of Organic Farming 

  • Organic farming provides healthy food to the society.
  • It increase the fertility of soil by incorporating natural agents in the soil. So finally organic farming increase the land productivity.
  • Organic farming helps to reduce environment pollution and balance the natural cycle.
  • Helps to conserve more water, less soil erosion and use less energy.
  • Reduce exposure to pesticides and chemicals.
  • Organic farming helps to conserve biodiversity.
  • Weed, disease and pest control relying primarily on crop rotations, natural predators, diversity, organic manuring, resistant varieties and limited thermal, biological and chemical intervention.
  • Organic farming provide a highly valuable and healthy crop for us.

Watch Here about Organic Farming in Hindi 

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