Importance of Farm Pond for Agriculture and Farmers

If you have an agriculture land  and want to improve your production and earning , than Farm pond is  the right tool for you.

Agriculture land has no value without water. Water is the key driving force of nature for crop and food production.

Farm pond for agriculture land

In present scenario,  while the world is facing the problem of water scarcity, Farmers are also facing problems in farming like lack of crop production, less earning due to uncertainty in rain and water cycle.

Changes in the climatic conditions are resulting in the uncertainty in rainfall distribution. Hence high rainfall areas are receiving low rainfall and vice versa.

So throughout the year farmer are able to grow crop in only rainy season. In absence water they can't  think about the crop in other than rainy  season. 

So to utilize the arable land resource in growing high income crops , water is necessary for farmers.

From the ancient time , farmers have used wells for irrigation purposes but now farmponds have emerged as a great source of water for farmers.

Farm ponds are water storage tank  or reservoir,  designed for rain water harvesting in agriculture land for irrigation purposes, cattle feed and fish farming.

India government has targeted to double the farmer's income by 2022. There are many government schemes which provide subsidies to farmer for farm pond construction.

Farm pond helps farmer to increase land productivity by 200% as well increase the farmer income.

Types of farm ponds 

There are two types of farm pond , first is embarkment type and second is dugout type. 

Embarkment type farm pond 

Embarkment  type farm ponds are constructed across the stream or water course where land slope is from gentle to steep.  An embarkment of earth is constructed as per volume of water to be stored.

Dug out type farm pond

Dug out type farm pond are constructed on flat land area by excavating the soil from the ground. The size and depth of the farm pond is depend upon catchment area and volume of water to be stored. These type of farm pond are used for irrigation and fish farming purposes.

Dug out type farm pond is designed on the basis of rainfall, land slope , catchment area , run off  and seepage characteristic.  Seepage is counted as important factor for design of the pond.In the areas of high gypsum the seepage loss is much more, causing construction of farm pond impractical.

Components of Farm Pond 

A farm pond is mainly consist of water storage area , earthen embankment and mechanical or emergency spillways.

Spillways act as safe disposal of water from the storage area of farm pond.

Farm pond

Farm pond

Farm Pond

Benefits of  Farm pond 

- Increase in farm productivity means more crops.

- increase in land productivity as well value of agriculture land.

- With availability of water , increase chances to grow cash crops through irrigation technologies.

- increase in income of farmers.

- Farmer can do fish farming in the pond, which will provide them more opportunity to grow their agriculture business.

- Improve the quality of crop yield.

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