World Environment Day 2020: Biodiversity

World Environment Day 2020 Theme is "Biodiversity  

World Environment day 2020 is going to be celebrated Friday, June 5th, 2020. World Environment day 2020 theme is “Biodiversity”. So the main focus of the event will be on Biodiversity.

As per the United Nations Environment programme (UNEP), Columbia will host the World environment Day 2020 in partnership with Germany.

As we know, Biodiversity defines variety of life form in a habitat , from smallest animal fungi to largest animal. So Biodiversity is the foundation support of all life on land and water.
World-environment -day-2020-theme
World Environment Day 

Now the question is why Biodiversity is chosen as World Environment day 2020 theme?

Human is the only living kind on the earth who has been caused for all environment issues. We are at stage of mass extinction where more than 1 million species may be wiped out from the surface of planet within next 10 years.

In last 50 years, wildlife has declined on average by 60 percent and at this rate species are disappearing hundreds of times faster than the average speed of the past 10 million years.

 Now if we talk about the Oceans, more than two third area of oceans are impacted by human activities. Unsustainable use of natural resources is the major cause of environmental crisis.

More than 32 million hectare of forest has been disappeared between 2010 and 2015. And we have lost over one third of total forest cover till now.

If we continuously move on this path, than in coming few years we will face very severe environmental crisis around the world. Our existence and quality of life depends upon nature.

Nature provides us all the things such as food, fiber, energy, materials and bio-energy, which are necessary for our life. Nature sustains quality of air, soil and fresh water for human needs. But our food system becomes the major reason for climate change, biodiversity losses, soil and water pollution and water scarcity.

Most of the environment losses are the result of rapid human population growth, unsustainable production and over consumption of natural resources.

So to save our nature, it is important to reverse the loss of biodiversity and sustaining a healthy planet.  Year 2020 is critical for biodiversity and there is need for crucial decisions for people and planate in order to meet the goal set for 2050 by world leaders.

The goal for 2050 will only be possible unless we stop the loss of biodiversity by 2030 by restoring nature and reversing biodiversity losses.

So to year 2020 is a significant year to take strong actions for conservation of nature and biodiversity.

About World Environment Day

World Environment day is annually celebrated on 5th June by United Nations for encouraging awareness and actions for environment.

The first Environment day was celebrated in 1974 with theme of “Only One Earth” for raising awareness about emerging environment issues like pollution, global warming and climate change.

At present World environment day become a global platform and widely celebrated in over 100 countries.

The day is vital platform for promoting progress on environmental dimensions of sustainable development goals.

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