National Maritime Day 2020 in India, History and Its importance

National maritime day is celebrated annually on 5th April.  First national maritime day was celebrated on 5th April, 1964  to objective to spread awareness for supporting safe and environment friendly sound commerce between different continents across the world.
National Maritime Day 2020
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History behind the National Maritime Day

In 1919 ,  a navigation history was created when first ship of  the SCIndia steam navigation company ltd  “SS Loyalty “ journeyed to United kingdom. This was a crucial step for India shipping history. So in 1964 , first National maritime day was celebrated.

National Maritime Day 2020 Theme

National Maritime day 2020 theme is not revealed yet by govt official. It may be due to severity of pandemic coronavirus outbreak.

But we can share you about National maritime day 2019 theme. National maritime day 2019 theme was “Indian ocean- an ocean of opportunity.”

Continents are the major source for shipment across the world.  It has played a very important role for development of industrialization for developed nation.

This year while the major international events are focusing in climate change, we should also emphasis towards climate changes and their effect on maritime.

In many parts, marine pollution has become a severe concern for marine ecosystem. There is a need for intervention of strong policies to reduce the marine pollution.

So in our view , National Maritime Day 2020 theme should be "Climate change and Its effect on Marine Ecosystem".

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