Do you know World water Day 2020 theme? know here

"We cannot create the water, but can save water".
UN helds World water day annually  on 22nd March with objective to save fresh water around the world and spread the importance of fresh water for future need.

The primary objective to held World Water Day is to convey the message for importance of water in the life.

This year world water day 2020 is going to be held on 22nd march. World water day 2020 theme is "water and climate change- and how the two are inextricably linked."

There are three statement of the water day 2020, first is “We can’t afford to wait “. It is related to uncertainty in climate conditions across different regions in the world. In recent years excess amount of green house gases caused to increase in global warming which is resulting in extreme weather conditions. These extreme weather conditions are making water more scare, more unpredictable and more polluted.
Save water poster , World water day 2020

All living things including humans needs water for survival. Human do also need water for sanitation, healthcare , business, education and industry. So to meet all the need , we need strong actions to conserve more fresh water.

Now the second statement of the World water day 2020 is “Water can help fight climate change “.  The statement is related to sustainable, affordable, sanitation and scalable solutions to save water.
Save water poster, World water Day 2020

As the global population is continuously increasing as well as fresh water requirement is also increasing. But the situations are not in favour of this condition.  Water Pollution becomes the major problem around the world as it is degrading the water resources. Degradation of water resourced will lead to shortage of fresh water.

Now the third statement is “Everyone has a role to play”. Means we cannot meet target unless we contribute some effort. “Warnings are necessary but fear fear will not get the job done” said by United nations General secretary.

Climate change leads to adverse  effect on the water cycle in various regions. As we have observed the disturbance in the climate pattern in recent years as heavy snowfall, irregular distribution of rainfall , thunderstorms,  cyclones etc.

Water is the form of energy of the environment which drive the different climatic cycle on the earth. When this driving energy will be disturbed, it will also lead to disturbance of climate.

If we look at history of the earth , the water plays an important role for the movement of layers of the earth by influencing the climate. So to make a eco-friendly climate conditions , there is a need to implement a sustainable management. 

Sustainable management of the water implicates the use of water resources without influencing the future availability  of the water resource.

Green house gases play a very important role in global climate crisis. Global climate crisis is affecting the water cycle with large variability across the world, thus reducing the prediction for availability and demand  of water. Climate crisis also affect the water quality and reduces  the fresh water availability.

Many organizations are working towards the sustainable management of resources to save water. There is need for a policy intervention including urban planning, use of early warning system, risk management and community engagement to reduce the risk of flood and drought conditions from climate change.

Conclusions of World Water Day Theme 2020:


To meet the climate change events, action plan needs to be incorporated in different regions with sustainable development activities.

Water is the most precious resource we have this planet. Without water we can’t imagine life on the earth. So we must use the water responsibly and balance our society need with equal opportunity to all categories.

We are born for the development of our society, city and country, but we must perform the action plans sustainable development.

Education plays an important role for awareness toward the conservation of water and environment. We should incorporate the things that motivate the students to save water.

Climate change can feel scary and daunting but your one small step to save water can make a big difference.  

Here are some best ways to save water and climate 

1.Take shower in under five minutes to save water.
2.Eat more plant based meal.
3. Turn off tech you are not using.
4.Don't throw away edible food.
5.Shop sustainably- A typical pair of jeans takes 10000 litres of water to produce.
6. Growing mangroves and other natural buffers to reduce green house gases.
7. Implement rain water harvesting to use water in dry days.
8.Treat waste water for irrigation purposes.
9. Conserve each drop of rain water.
10. Motivate people to participate in half glass campaign. Means whenever someone ask for water offer him/her half glass of water only.
11. Encourage people to take part in water conservation practices.

Save water Save Life 

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