Save water Save Life - What you think ?

Save water , we all heard these word from the childhood but dont try to implement the words.

 All the people talk about to Save water but the question is how? We all know water can't be created , it can only be conserved.

Save water becomes the biggest slogan in the previous decade across the world. And in coming years the condition could be worst if we don't take appropriate action to save water. 

Many asreologers have predicted in the past that there will be world war for water.
If we talk about the water on the earth, more than 70% part of earth is filled with water. And out of that 70 %  water , only 1 percent water is available for drinking water.

In present scenerio, many countries in the world are facing water scarcity due to over exploitation of water in the past.  All human have a basic behavior that when we have something in huge quantiny, we use that thing without caring the future need. We understand the value of that thing only when it become in small quantity.

The same thing happen all over the world, people talk about save water only after shortage of the water in their regions.

Many countries have worked on the water conservation projects. World bank has invested a large amount of water conservation projects. And most of the project's outcome are really good but there are still many things need to implemented to secure our future. We all get the fruitfull results of our actions with positive energy.

I read a quote somewhere" My grand parents saw the water wells, my parents saw the water in ponds or lakes , i am seeing the water in bottles , but where will my son find the water?"

This water  quote is self explanatory about to save water. We can see the degradation of water from wells to bottle in the quote. But still the question is "where will my see the water ?"

Water conservation is the only solution to save water. Small steps to save water will lead the world towards big saving of water for the future.

We receive the fresh water only thorugh the rain. We need water for drinking, agriculture,  industries and sanitation. Our requirement of the for different need are increasing but income from the rain remains same or less thorughout the years.

The rain water flow through different mode like surface runoff , subsurface runoff and evaporation etc towards oceans. We loose a large amount of rain water in runoff due to lack off water conservation planning. Many government and NGOs work for the water conservation projects. 

Success of the water conservation projects depend upon the management for the right structure or activity at right place.

Making water conservation structures like anicuts , percolation tanks, ponds etc to conserve the surface water. Water conservation structures help us to manage accumulation of the rain water for our needs. Water conservation structures also help us to control soil erosion.  Soil erosion lead to problem of loosing soil fertility and reduce land productivity.  

There is a term called rain water harvesting, which can be help us to recharge more ground  water ,well , lake or pond. Rain water harvesting is the way of rain water collection to increase the ground water level for example roof top water harvesting structures , which is mostly used rain water harvesting structure across the world. 

Now i am sharing some best ways to save water:
1. Farmers should use drip irrigation instead of flood irrigation. 
2. We should reduce the consumption of water through at home small water saving tips.
3. Awareness in people should be increased to save water.
4. More water conservation structures should be constructed for rain water conservation.
5. Plant more trees or vegetation to get more rain.
6. Serve water to plant in early morning or evening to avoid evaporation losses.
7. Take small shower bath to save more water.
8. If you use RO at home , use rejected water for toilet or other use .
9. Construct more roof top rain water harvesting structures on home or buildings to recharge ground water
10. Use kitchen waste water for gardening.

There are many small ways to save water, but the important thing is to adopt that ways to get the better results. In coming future we may face the alarming issue of ground water, which is continuously reducing day by day. So strong actions needs to be taken for recharge of ground water. 


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