Now take Selfi with Wild Animals in Google 3D View

Yes you head it right.

Now you can interact with your favorite animals with google's augmented reality tools which was launched last year.

The feature is popular now due to people are taking interest in it while lock down. 

So while you are staying indoor with your children, you can make fun with your favourite animals.
Google 3d photo , photo credit:@AHS Art, @DaliseSZ Twitter

How do i view 3D Animals on google?

 To use the feature, just google an animal , for example ." Tiger"

After search , just underneath the image search results and the wikipedia description of the tiger, you will see a option of 'view in 3D '.

Click the 'View in 3D button", then click 'view in your space' to see the Tiger in your own surrounding.

For this feature you will need to to give access to your camera for it to be able to inser Tiger into your space.

What animals can you find?

 There are manu animals  like , Tiger, lion, cheetah, Panda, Shark, Hedgehog, duck, wolf, angler fish, Goat , snake, Egle. Horse, shetland pony, pug, turtle , Cat, octopus, Bear,and some other wild animals.

Enjoy the feature of the Google AR Tool.

Google 3D Not working 

Google 3D animals feature does not work in all mobiles or smartphones. If Google 3D animals is not working in your phone , check the android version in Your mobile.Google 3D is working in only Android 7 or upper version and iPhone or iPad running  ios 11.0 or higher version.

And  enable the access to camera to google and browser application.

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