Importance of Water Conservation in our Life

Water Conservation and its need 

As we know that three forth of the earth's surface is covered with water, but this whole available water is not usable for us. Out of this available water , only a small portion is available as  fresh water for us.

water-conservation- method

The fresh water is mainly obtained  from surface run off and ground water. Horological cycle on the earth continuously renew and recharge the surface run off water and ground water.

You might wonder that if three forth of the world is covered with water and water is renewable source then how water scarcity is becoming a big concern around the world?

Now lets have a look on some facts of water.

  • Around 96.5 percent of total volume of world's water is estimated to exists as ocean and only 2.5 percent available as fresh water.
  • Nearly 70 percent of this freshwater occurs as ice sheets and glacier in Antarctica, Greenland and the mountain regions of the world. and only 30 percent of available freshwater  is stored as ground water in the world's aquifers.
So now you can under stand the scarcity of the water around the world and why we should save water. 

Water Scarcity and importance water Conservation management  

It is difficult to think about water scarcity when we talk about the abundance and renewability of water. When we speak of water shortages, we always think about the low rainfall region or drought prone area. I think i am True? 

The availability of water varies over space and time or region to region due to variation in seasonal and annual precipitation. 

Water scarcity in most cases is caused by over exploitation, unequal access to water among different social groups and excessive use of water. 

Some places which have very good rainfall , may also face the problem of water scarcity due to growing large population and consequent greater demand of water. 

Human need water for food, sanitation, agriculture and industries. So water is limited but demand is increasing.

To meet the growing need of food, a large amount of water is needed for agriculture production, specially in dry seasonal crops. 

The most farmers have their own wells and tube wells for irrigation to increase their produce. But we can imagine what this could result in? Surly it will lead to falling in ground water levels, adversely affect the water availability and food security of the people.

Now if we talk about housing societies and colonies in the cities, every house have their separate pumping device for water to meet their water need. 

If we look about the industry sector, expansion  of industries become a major concern for water resources due to large quantity use of freshwater by them. Much of their electricity or energy comes from hydro-electric power.

Many regions on the world have sufficient amount of water, but still facing water scarcity. This scarcity is due to bad quality of water and degradation of water resources. 

Degradation of water resources occurs due to pollution by domestic and industrial waste, chemical waste, pesticides and fertilizers use in agriculture.

Over exploitation and mismanagement of water resources will lead to ecological crisis on our planet. 

So if we look on all this points , we should realize that the need of hour is for water conservation and management of water resources. 

Water conservation is the only option we have to safeguard ourselves from health hazards, food security and to prevent degradation of our natural ecosystem. 

How can we conserve water ?

In upper section we have read about the concern of water scarcity and why water conservation is needed. Now we are talking about the water conservation methods, which can help to conserve water. 

We all know the simple method of water conservation, is don't waste water. 

From the ancient time we have adopted different methods like construction of dams, reservoir or lakes , embankments and canals for irrigation, ponds, bawaries  etc.

Government should frame policies for water conservation with inclusion of sustainable development.

We should renovate the damaged water resources to conserve the rain water.

Strong measures to be implemented to conserve the surface run off water.

Rain water harvesting methods i.e. roof top water harvesting, recharge shaft , ground water recharge structures etc should be constructed at large scale to meet the demand of increasing population.

Save water at house or residences as more as possible by reducing  wastage of water or limiting the use of water.

Use of drip irrigation should be incorporated as much as possible to reduce the wastage of water in irrigation.

Recycling methods of waste water should be adopted by industries to reduce the fresh water demand.

Motivate people or society by slogan on save water to save water as much as possible.

Our future generation can  only be survive with fresh water.

Save water Save Life.

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