How Lockdown has affected the Climate in India ? Know here

Have you noticed a clear blue sky in your city now a day?

If yes, then you are not alone, there are many people sharing a clear blue sky photos on social media during this lock dawn period.


As the whole world is facing the pandemic disease due to Corona virus (COVID19) and the severity of the disease is growing continuously.

Similar situations we can see in India due to COVID19. To control the corona outbreak in India , the country has made several efforts.

Lock down is such a great effort which has been made by our country. And to control this disease lock down is the only solution till now as no any vaccine has been developed.

Now the point is while the country is going through lock down condition with great support of peoples in different countries, peoples are observing a great improvement in climatic conditions of big cities.

We are talking about Delhi, where pollution is a very serious concern over the time.

From last few years during the period from Oct to January, Delhi people have faced a very bad climatic condition with severe climatic conditions.

Delhi has become a gas chamber with adverse climatic conditions due to heavy traffic and industries which causes for many severe diseases to its living people. A very low quality index reduces the life of living people.

Indian Government and Delhi govt made many efforts to reduce the air pollution like odd-even policy for vehicle but very small improvements were observed in Air quality index.

Now due to Corona virus disease (COVID19) Delhi and other major cities in India has been locked dawn.

People are in their home, no vehicles and no traffic on roads, no toxic gases from industries and no polythene,  All these conditions are favouring the self cleaning of climate in Delhi.

The Air quality index at various point in Delhi become at very good condition. People are seeing a very clear blue sky. This condition indicates a idle environment condition without human.

Pollution level in India

If we observe the Air quality index of Delhi in present condition with reference to AQI in December 2019. We can see that there is average 83% betterment  in air quality index (PM2.5) in Delhi and nearby area.


December 2019
March 2020
as on 29.03.2020
(During Lock down period)
% betterment in AQI W.r.t December 2019

Ashoke Vihar

404(Severe )

56 (satisfactory)

86 %
390 (Very Poor)
84 (Satisfactory
344 (Very Poor)
70 (satisfactory)
338 (Very poor)
90 (Satisfactory)
381 (Very Poor)
51 (satisfactory)
Noida Sector 116
366 (very Poor)
41 (Good)
400 (Severe)
57 (satisfactory)

Data source :

Pollution level in India
AQI Data as on Dec 2019

Pollution level in India
AQI Data as on 29th march 2020

The figures of the betterment in Air quality index are very impressive and it will provide a much relief to people who were severely affected by the pollution.

 This is the Nature, who works through its own method.

Betterment in the Air quality reflects a message to human that how much we have damaged the environment.

We have always exploited the natural resources to fulfil our need only. We doesn’t care about the nature, always think about the progress of industries and infrastructure development, but did not focused on the natural resources development in that prospect.

Now the present situation shows us the real face of nature with beauty and peace. In Many cities wild animals are walking in cities without any fear.

This is the time, while in the lock down period, we should analyze the things that affect the nature adversely. Try to avoid such thing again.

Government should also benchmark the present climatic condition for policy framework with sustainable development methods
“It’s time to give back Nature our true efforts”

Save water, Save Life.

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