Good news: Earth's Ozone Layer is healing

Ozone layer Recovery feel us good while the whole World is facing pandemic COVID19.

As we all know Ozone layer is an important component of earth’s environment, as it save the planet from sun’s ultraviolet rays.

From the many years, we have heard about the ozone layer depletion due to emission of harmful green house gases and global warming.

But a recent study, published in science journal Nature, said that Ozone layer is healing. As per the study recovering ozone layer might have been due to the 1987 Montreal Protocol.
2019 Image of ozone layer shrinking . Image source: NOAA

Montreal Protocol is an international climate change treaty for phasing out harmful substance which delicate Ozone layer.

During the study outcome, scientist noted a change in circulation around southern hemisphere. So with computer simulation, the research was carried out weather the changes in circulation were due to human behavior or natural. And later it was found that these changes could only be explained by the recovery of Ozone layer.

So during this time when whole world is facing pandemic COVID19 , recovery of Ozone layer feels good for now.

Our life is not possible without presence of Ozone layer in the stratosphere. So there is need of more action to be done towards reduction in harmful green house gases emission  to fully recover the Ozone layer.