Earth Day 2020- Its time to Wake Up


Earth day is celebrated annually on 22nd April around the world to support environment protection and spread awareness to save the environment.

First earth day was celebrated in 1970 with support of 20 million Americans, but now it is globally celebrated by Earth day network by in 193 countries.

The objective of the earth day is to convey the message of save earth through supporting the actions of environment protection around the world.
Now if we talk about the Earth day 2020, it is going to be 50th anniversary of earth day. So this earth day 2020 will be celebrated through various activities such as advocacy, education, art, global clean up and citizen science.

So it is time for us to think for environment and climate.

Theme for Earth day 2020

The earth day 2020 theme is climate action. In present scenario climate change become a major challenge for the world to save the earth. 

Unpredictable and uncertain climatic conditions in different regions become horrible things to the world. As these conditions disturb the climate cycle in the region.

 Change in climatic conditions affects the agriculture production, water availability, health sector and economic sector of the region.

So climate changes become the biggest challenge for our humanity and life support system that make our world habitable.

In 2016, United nation selected the world Earth day for Paris Agreement on climate change.

So at the end of 2020, there is expectation from all the nations to increase their national commitment to Paris agreement on climate change.

A movement can’t be successful without support of people. As per the present scenario of climate change crisis there is need of strong actions to meet our goal to save earth.

World Earth Day 2020 will be more effective when citizen of the world raise their hand towards creativity, innovation, bravery and ambition to meet our goal to overcome climate crisis.

If we look at the future, increasing global warming is also a big challenge for our environment. So   We should also raise hand to meet the zero carbon future.

Now the question is what you do for the earth day?

You born on this earth, grow on it , use all its resources but only taking is not the good thing.  There is a call to give back your efforts to save earth.

Have you ever think about the future of your generation?

What will happen in 2050, if we continue to extract resources of the earth without developing new resources?

These are the big questions. The entire climate crisis like drought, flood, uncertain climatic cycle etc that we are facing, is results of our past actions.

Pollution is also become the major source for the climate crisis.

This is the time when we should awake the people to participate in Earth day events and make them to contribute their efforts to save earth.

So as we talk about the theme for earth day 2020 is climate action, we need to take some strong actions in our policy framework and interventions by governments.

You can contribute the Earth Day event by doing the following things.

  • Plant more trees as much as possible.
  • Educate people for climate crisis and its upcoming effects in future.
  • Reduce or recycle the plastic as much as possible.
  • Reduce the wastage of water.
  • Conserve water and wild life as much you can.
  • Use electric vehicles instead of petrol or diesel vehicle.
  • Motivate peoples to Participate in earth day events and save environment movements.
  • Use less electricity and save electricity.
  • Enhance the use of solar energy or renewable energy sources.
  • Introduce innovative ideas to save the environment and save earth.
  • Become volunteer to clean your street, village, river, ponds and lakes to help the clean earth movement.

At last I would like to  say only one thing “Fight today for better tomorrow.”

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