Best Slogan on Save water in English

We all know we are nothing without water and water is as important as air. But in recent years the problem of water scarcity has increased in many regions of the world. There is need to make movements towards save water with slogan on save water. Every person know the word save water, but only few of them act on the word. 
To make any mass movement , a motivation is required to enhance participation of people. Here we are sharing slogans on save water or slogan on water conservation.

best slogan on save water, slogan on water conservation

1. We can't  create water, but can save water.

2. Water is more precious than gold,  so save it.

3. Save Water for Future.

4. Water is the most precious gift by the nature, don't waste it.

5. You are nothing without water. Saving water will save you.

6. Our grandparents saw the water in wells, or parents saw the water in rivers and ponds , we see the water in bottles but where will our kid see the water. Think again.

7. Water is the driving force of the nature.

8. Pure water serve you a pure life. Save Fresh water.

9. Plant more tree to get water.

10. Save water to save life .

11. Be a water worrier to save the earth.

12. Its time to revert back the nature with effort to save water.

13 . Every drop matters ! Don't waste it.

14. Your one step towards Save water, will  save your future.

15. Your best gift to nature is Save water.

16. Life is nothing without water.

17. Wake up before It's too late . Save Water.

18. Your One move can start a movement. Save water .

19. The best gift you can give to your child is Fresh water in future. Act Now.

20. You can't purchase life with money, It can only be assured by Water. Save water.

21. Act Now, Save Now and Secure future Now.

22. Join the Save water campaign to save your future.

23. There will be nothing without water on earth, so Save water.

24. Save water for your next generation.

25. Be a Hero for your children  by Saving water for their Life.

26. Drink more water , but Please also save water.

27. Serve half glass of water to people, It will save huge amount of water.

28. Thirsty Earth is calling for water, conserve more rain water.

29. Our body is consist of 70 % water , so we will be nothing without water.

30. Say Thanks to nature by saving water.

31. Water makes life on the Earth. Save it.

32. Water is a one of the important element of Life.

33. Value water more than the Life to save the Earth.

34. The life will end without water. Save it.

35. Our future generationa will bless us if we save water today.


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