Know about UNFCCC and COP26

UNFCCC full form is United Nation Framework Convention on climate change.  UNFCCC is an international environment treaty which was adopted on 9th may 1992.  It was opened for signature at Earth summit in Rio De Janeiro from 3rd to 14th June 1992.
UNFCCC-United-Nation-Climate- Change

What does the UNFCCC do ?

The UNFCCC is aimed to set framework for action towards reduction in adverse effect of green house gases. So UNFCCC sets the control parameters of green house gases i.e. methane, nitrous oxide and carbon dioxide to meet the climate change challenges.

So the ultimate objective of UNFCCC is to stabilize green house gases concentration at a level which would prevent dangerous anthropogenic interference with the climate system.

The headquarter of UNFCCC is located at Bonn, Germany. There are 197 parties in UNFCCC which have ratified the convention.

The 197 parties includes  all United Nation Member states, United nation general assembly observer state of Palestine, Un non member state Niue and Cook Island and Supranational union European Unionin The parties of Unfccc meets annually in conference of the parties (COP) to review the progress of dealing climate change and make necessary steps to reduce green house gases.

In 1997 , Kyoto protocol was established to legally to obligate developed nations for reduction of green house gases in the period 2008-2012.

United Nations climate change conference produced as agreement in 2010 to limit the future global warming below 2° C (3.6 ° F) relative to pre industrial level.

In 2015 Paris agreement was adopted with objective to reduce emission from 2020 with view of global warming to 1.5° C.

UNFCCC has established national greenhouse gas inventories of green house gas (GHG) emission and removal for signatory nations.

UNFCCC induced climate financing for developing nations. In the Climate financing, industrialized nations agree the convention to support climate change activities in developing countries with help of providing financial support for action on climate change.

In present day , Climate change is major concern all over the world. Uncertain and irregular climatic cycle become the horrific conditions in many countries.

To address the climate change challenges , United Climate Change conference COP25 was held in December 2019 under presidency of the Government of Chile. The conference was served to build ambition ahead of 2020 with crucial climate action.

Now in upcoming COP26 in 2020,UNFCCC has proposed a new climate law that would set a target of net zero green house gas emission by 2050.

The crucial climate action includes finance, transparency in climate actions, technology capacity building, forest and agriculture, ocean etc.


The UN Climate change Conference COP26 will be held in Glasgow in November 2020.

The four priorities have been set for COP26:

1.      National climate plans –the NDC- should show that countries are working to implement Paris agreement.

 All countries should adopt the strategies to meet Zero emission target by 2050.

3.      To help communities and nations adapt to climate disruption and build resilience against the future impact , there are need for development of robust package of projects and initiatives.

4.       Provision of finance with developed countries to mobilize 100 billion dollar a year by 2020.

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